Al-nabi (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) Mosque

Al-nabi (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) Mosque is located in Daryan no region in the 6th district of Tehran.

This mosque, built and supported by the Charity institute of the Amir al-momenin, is among the mosques selected by the Center for Mosque Affairs of the country as a pattern of a local mosque. Conducting various cultural and religious programs made this mosque as the base of the gathering of the people of the region and their various activities.

Since the beginning of the establishment of this mosque, with the efforts of his eminence grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili, the public library has been established on the third floor of the mosque, which is now serving as one of the largest public libraries in the country's mosques. Among the facilities of this great library, one can mention rooms of group study and two separate halls for brothers and sisters and closed and open shelves books with a total area of 400 square meters. Another feature of this library is having over 40 thousand titles of books in various educational and expert and public topics, with more than 20 thousand volumes categorized with library science indexes.

The library now has more than 10 thousand members. Due to the great treasure of the educational books and its many open hours, it has become the main venue for studying of school and university students in the region during the nationwide examinations. In recent years, a large number of its members have been admitted with the highest rank in the undergraduate and postgraduate examinations.