Tawheed Cultural and Educational Center

The center of Tawheed has been one of the most important cultural centers in Tehran since its establishment. Conducting educational courses and various cultural programs have turned the center into a cultural pole of Tehran's western region. There are also courses in various religious and cultural scopes such as the epistemology, preservation, reading and interpretation of the Qur'an, Islamic ethics, the description of Masnavi, Islamic arts such as calligraphy, the teaching of computer science and foreign languages, and life skills for the various age groups and different educational program, with the cooperation of the reputed institutes and educational centers of the country, such as the University of Tehran, Holy Quran University, Qom Mofid University, Islamic Propaganda Organization and Calligraphy Association, are being held at this center. The unique role of Tawheed Center in the acquaintance of youth with the teachings of the religion of Islam in the contemporary history of our country now is reflected in the cultural and religious programs of this center.

In this regard, holding ceremonies for various religious occasions, publishing the hadiths and aphorisms in the form of SMS for a wide range of national addressees, assisting in providing the content of the religious yearbooks and holding meetings of the caravans of Karbala and …, Hajj-ut-Tamattu` and Hajj Mufradeh and a special program for familiarizing with the mosque with the presence of students, teachers and coaches of the regional schools at the center of Tawheed with the efforts of the management and its staff and the guidance of the Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili, are running.