Mofid's Schools

History of the Center

School of Mofid dates back to about 40 years, when the founders of the Charity School of Amir al-Momenin began to establish a school with the centerpiece of his eminence Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili in order to promote religious culture. The school started in 1972 around Revolution Square with guidance school. After a while with the establishment of high school, it was transferred to Zanjan street. After more than two decades, high school and Guidance schools of Mofid II were established in the years of 1992 and 1993 in the Qeytarieh region of Tehran, Kaveh boulevard. The third branch of Mofid High School, with the field of humanities, in addition to mathematics and physics field of study began in the year 2004 around the Vanak Square. Subsequently, due to the feeling of necessity and importance of the elementary school, the pre-elementary school and Elementary School of Mofid also started its activity on Shariati Street in the year 2009. From the educational year of 2011-2012, two pre-elementary school and elementary school were established, one in the second district of Tehran and another in Qom. Also, the girls’ compound was established in the same year. Now, educational complex of Mofid with three pre-elementary and elementary schools, two guidance schools and three boys 'high schools, along with a girls' training complex, will accept your children.


Mofid Center in the founder’s Point of view of, his eminence grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili


The motivation for establishing Educational Complex of Mofid

In the era of Tyranny (Pahlavi Regime), we were in Qom. We felt that the Seminaries should be closer to the community day by day and not be in their own isolation. We came to the conclusion that the propagation of religion, in the traditional way, is no longer useful. We had to enter new ways. In Tehran, a semi-constructed mosque was in the streets of Nusrat. We started our activity at that mosque. In order to achieve the mentioned goals, we thought of launching the university. Then we realized we had to start from the base. We were thinking of building a school. We went to Mr. Roozbeh, God bless him. We talked to him. He helped us. Near the University of Tehran we had a building. Mr. Roozbeh came to see that place. We built Mofid schools in the same building. We had some problems when we made Mofid Schools. We had a little money. Sometimes I myself worked there with the workers. Friends came from the mosque, and we went and worked there.


Managing way of Mofid

Mofid Center was managed in a special style. From the beginning I thought that well people would study there. The manager is well. The teachers are well. Even a servant of the school should be well. God sent us a bunch of well men. They worked hard on Mofid schools. Thanks Allah, there are now a few thousand graduates in Mofid schools. These graduates, in most cases, wherever they are useful, helpful, believer people in every discipline they have studied. If God asks me on the Day of Resurrection, We have given you so much life, we have given you the opportunity, we have given you successes, what did you do with these? I have no idea whatever I think. The only thing that is promising for me is the Schools and university of Mofid.


The reason for choosing the name of “Mofid” for schools

The late Mofid was called “ibn al-Mu`allem” in his era. In the midst of Shiites, he has worked in Theology and was very expert. When the late Mofid died, the People said: “Allah saved us through “Ibn al-mu`allem”. He was unknown in our current community. I decided whatever I had educational institutes; I named it “Mofid”. Now Mofid University is also named for this occasion.