Honesty and Truthfulness of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) had institutionalized honesty and truthfulness in himself as a supreme divine and human value. This was not only in his personal and family life, but also was considered by His Holiness in the realm of society and politics. Therefore, it must be said that he is a human model that has gained a good balance between politics and honesty and proved the compatibility of these two in his lifetime. While somebody like Mu`awiyah was mixed politics with trick, deception, foul play and lie and sacrificing honesty for politics. It is quoted that they said to Imam Ali (peace be upon him): You are the best people in terms of science, asceticism, courage, and the other moral perfections, but in terms of politics, it seems Mu`awiyah is better than you. His Holiness said: “I have made a covenant with Allah that I will never lie. I do not speak what I do not believe. Do not tell people to do what I myself do not do, and my tongue is the mirror of my mind. I feel responsible to Allah and I must move in the framework of honesty and truth. I cannot speak any words and use slander, accusation and backbiting to achieve my goals. But Mu`awiyah is unconditional and abandoned man and does not refrain from lying to achieve his goals. If I did not feel responsible to Allah, and I did not have that covenant with my Allah, then you would have known that I am a more politician than Mu`awiyah.

This characteristic of the Imam is a model for all, especially politicians, rulers and community officials. They should pay attention to this issue, and they must always respect honesty in politics. If people feel that their officials are honest, certainly they will be their supporters.