Acts which are unworthy to do while drinking water
Acts which are unworthy to do while drinking water

It is unworthy to drink too much water;

1. To drink water after eating fatty food;

2. To drink water while standing during the night;

3. To drink water with one's left hand;

4. To drink water from the side of a container or glass which is cracked or chipped off, or from the side of its handle.

Question: “Which kind of sea-animals have halāl (lawful) meat and which sea-animals have harām (unlawful) meat?”

Answer: Amongst the animals of the sea, the shrimp and the scaled fish are halāl though their scales would be dropped while hunting and the fish without scales and all other animal of the sea like dolphin, crab, and frog have unlawful meat.

Question: “Which birds have harām (unlawful) meat and which birds have halāl meat?”

Answer: The bird those have claw and would be brutal like; eagle, falcon, vulture, hawk have unlawful meat. On the basis of obligatory precaution, the meat of swallow and hoopoe should be avoided and eating them is Makruh (abominable) but the meat of the birds like various kinds of pigeon, partridge, hen, duck, turkey and various kinds of sparrow.

Question: “Is it allowed to feed the children by an impure meal?”

Answer: No, in case, if these things bring considerable harm for them, giving these things to children is prohibited. Even if it has not any harm, on the basis of obligatory precaution, feeding them by these things should be avoided.

Question: “If a man observes that someone is eating a najis thing, is it obligatory to inform him?”

Answer: No, but if one does not know that eating this thing is prohibited according to Shari‘ah, in this case it is obligatory that he should be informed about the religious ruling.

Question: “If a guest comes to know during the meals that the food is najis (unclean), is it important to inform others?”

Answer: No, However, if his dealings with the other guests are such, that he himself may become najis, or be involved in najāsat if they became najis, he should inform them.

Question: “If an animal eats the half food of a man and leaves the other half, what is the rule regarding the remained half?”

Answer: Half-remained food of a dog, pig, infidel (who is not amongst the people of the Book), eating of this food is unlawful and half-remained food of an animal whose meat is unlawful to eat is clean but eating this food is abominable.