Respect for Law and Order

In the battle of Hunain, when your numbers were pleasing you they availed you nothing.

Allah knows the reason for the early defeat of Muslims in the battle of Hunain, vanity and pride of Muslims to their numbers which was the same as pest among the corps and made them broke. While in the past, they won with 313 fighters, but they defeated in the battle of Hunain with 12 thousand fighters.

Therefore, it should be said that being vanity, having high expectation, putting everything  in the hands of Allah and not feeling accountable, leaving yourself alone and drowning in other thoughts are the wrong things which cause defeat.

It should not be forgotten that the help of Allah has condition and the condition is that resistance, endurance, persistence, patience, tirelessness, not bothering, not be pessimism and escaping, which Allah mentions this point in many verses of the Holy Qur'an.