Respect for Law and Order

From the statements of His eminence Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili:
There are two points in the meaning of “Al-Rahman” (the Merciful):
One is that Allah has widespread mercy and the other is that His mercy is regular and Allah has these two characteristics: His mercy is widespread and also regular and systematic.
All parts of the universe, even this world and the Hereafter, are connected to each other and all the universe is full of blessing… if we believe that the entire universe is one, we can no longer separate this world and the Hereafter, but this world and the Hereafter are the elements of this universe and connected to each other and form a personal total.
We imagine that this world is separate from the Hereafter and we think that if Allah sends punishment in this world, He will not send punishment in the Hereafter; and if He did not have mercy on anyone, He will do it in the Hereafter…
The difference between this world and the Hereafter is that good and evil, prosperity and adversity, blessing and punishment are mixed in this world… but it is not the same in the Hereafter. The issues are separate in the Hereafter; separate prosperity, separate adversity, separate blessing, separate punishment, separate good and separate evil. In addition, the owners of blessing and punishment or prosperity and adversity are separate from each other. However, this world and the Hereafter are not separate and discrete from each other… Our Hereafter is here. If you are a good and honest man now, it means your Hereafter is good and you are in prosperity right now, but maybe this fact is not clear for you just now and you may see it after death. «الدنیا مزرعة الآخرة» This world is a farm for the Hereafter. Planting is an introduction for picking up.
In the light of Revelation, Interpretation of “Al-Rahman” chapter