The message of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili for the conference of Islam and Environment:
Respect for Law and Order

In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful
Praise be to the Lord of Worlds and peace be upon Mohammad and his holy progeny
Good land yields its vegetation by the permission of its lord, while the corrupted yields only the scanty, so we make plain the verses to those who are thankful. (al-Araf: 58)
The Almighty Allah created the land, the heavens and all creatures in the best way and gave them the order in a balanced manner, He created the human with the fairest stature, granted greatness to him and made available all creatures for human improvement and granted him power, competence and knowledge of using boundless blessings, and at the same time He made all human beings responsible for the prosperity and construction of existence and avoided corrupting in the land, profusion and indulgence and doing moderation in productivity, production and gratitude consumption, and He considered the thoughtful attention to the social and natural environment as a notable signs and set it as a subject deserving care and improvement. 
The holy Qur’an narrated the story of the predecessors and their failure in preserving the environment and creatures and their improper ethics in social and natural interactions and considered it as a lesson for us. But nowadays unfortunately, profusion, greed and lack of moderation in consumption cause the land – as a source, habitat and reference of human being - to encounter an abnormal and tragic situation. Air_pollution, dusts_invasion, extirpation of animals and plants and forests, warming and climate_change, kinds of hazardous waste mass, wasting the blessings and destruction of the natural balance and biodiversity, drought, flood, landslide, the influx of kinds of physical and psychological diseases and other earthy and atmospheric disaster are the outcomes of human behaviors and his false achievement and foolish efficiency and lack of attention to the Divine commandments, the rights of human and creatures and next_generation and finally serious alarm for the people of our generation, in every nation, sect and religion.
Correction and improvement of the land, which is emphatic religious and humanitarian duty of all of us, call us the necessity of a true understanding of all biological factors and existing challenges and rapid change, thoughtful, knowledge-based, useful and purposeful lifestyles, production, consumption and optimal interaction with the environment and its necessity to improve in a coordinated and synergistic way in which every shortness is a strict divine impermissibility and it will followed irrecoverable consequences in this world and Hereafter.
This Strict divine assignment and the human necessity require the attention of individuals, families, governments and the followers of all religions, especially Muslims, and among them the Seminary, academics and religious scholars are required to explain and promote it via consultation and coordination and considerable and useful efforts, while understanding and explanation of environmental issues and the challenges ahead, with reflection and contemplation in religious texts and scientific achievements in the national and international scene and away from the superficiality and repeated generalizations, to infer the thankful lifestyle according to the time and place for all national and international levels with useful and efficient ways, so that the useful science and comprehensive and result-oriented management and collective efforts lead to the correct change and rectification of the tragic situation of the land and the environment on the basis of religious laws and true scientific achievements. 
Finally, I need to thank all of my offspring in Mofid_university and all scholars and clergymen and academics and organization of Environment for cooperation and participation in this important and God willing useful meeting, and seek the Almighty Allah for the success of all in creating a righteous community and world and intact life.
Wassalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh 
Abdul-Karim Mousavi_Ardebili
Wednesday, February 17, 2016