The behavior with captive
Lessons from the History

We should not say to a prisoner an impolite word or should not slap in the face of a prisoner. If you want that it will not be retaliated on you on the Day of Judgment by Allah, you should tell him: brother in jail! I slap your face improperly, forgive me or do the same with me, i.e. slap in my face or forgive me. I mentioned so many things (to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) about the behavior with prisoner, the behavior with wounded people, and the behavior with captive. I said: do not say they are guilty. You should consider the behavior of the Prophet (s.) with captives. In the battle of Khaybar, when the captives were ridden on camels, Bilal sang a song to bring the camel to go faster. Prophet (s.) was upset and called Bilal and said: don’t you have a meat with the name of heart in your chest?! Don’t you have any sympathy?! Why are you trying the camel to go faster?
Do you know this sympathy was done for which captives? About captives who had betrayed Islam and they had a program of extermination. I even said to the guards: If you bring a condemned prisoner to the execution place, you do not have right to insult him or slap in his face.
Tehran Friday Prayer, October 1981
His eminence Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili