Islamic State
Lessons from the History

(Before the victory of the Revolution) Allah was my witness when I was flying with this love and crying with this incentive that our political system should be Republic and we should leave luxuries. Those social classes whose cloth, house, lifestyle and situation made a separation between societies and made a minimum group as master and a maximum group as poor and miserable; this separation should be omitted, the same as the period of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), if there were some hungry in Medina, the Prophet was hungrier than all, if they were wearing simple cloth in Medina, Ali (a.) was wearing simpler than all, if they were drinking simple drinking, Ali (a.) was drinking simpler than all. The meal of Ali (a.) was in a quality less than all; his cloth was very simple and old. We would have introduced the Republic system in this way for fourteen centuries. We said: “Dhiraar bin al-Zomrh went to Mu’awiah and Mu`awiah told him: Oh Dhiraar! Tell me the description of Ali. Dhiraar said: Mu`awiyah! I'm afraid to mention the name of Ali and praise him; because it may hurt you and you will bother me. Mu`awiyah said: I'd protect you. Dhiraar recited that famous sermon: Mu`awiyah!  Ali was with us, he was the same as us, his sound was shorter than us, his cloth was in a quality less than us, his food was simpler than us, he worked more than all and he benefited less than all. I swear to Allah, he got the most difficult work in the division of working, but he took the smallest share for himself.”

When we were saying we were bringing the Islamic Government, our purpose was this aforementioned example.

 The speech of Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili, 15 Khordad Seminar, The Hosseinieh Ershad, 1980s’