Answer: If this program is continued for a long time, his prayer and fast in his home town, during the road between these two places and the place of his work is full and in order.
Answer: In the given case, according to the obligatory caution, he must not perform an act, which makes the fast void with the intention of fasting hopefully and also performs its qadâ afterwards.
Answer: If a mujtahid rules a day as an ``id-ul-fitr, it is necessary for all to follow him even though they are not his follower, but if it is not a ruling and just gives news of an observing moon from his point of view, the other can act according to his ...
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Answer: If you did not refuse to learn the issue, according to the caution and if you refused to learn the issue, according to the obligatory caution, you must perform qadâ of those fasting which you were committing such a sin during them; and if you refused ...
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Answer: According to the obligatory caution, he should pay kaffârt-ul-Jam` (1). kaffârt-ul-Jam: Feeding sixty poor people to their fill, keeping sixty fasts and setting a slave free altogether as to make kaffârah (atonement) for a sin.
Answer: If you go to shar`i travel for about ten days or more in a month, in travel your prayer is full and your fasting is also in order.