The Model of Obedience
Moral virtues Nasser Mukarian

One of the most important methods in training is the method of “Role Model” or “Pattern” because the effect of model or pattern is much more than other methods in character and behavior formation of the trainee. Islam has also paid a lot attention to this method and the Holy Quran has dedicated some of the verses to introduction of such believing and unitary men and women who have shown their competence and personality in different conditions and have proven their inclination and tendency toward the right path.

To achieve this, the compiler is going to introduce some people in the third note entitled “Safwan Ibn Mehran: The Model of Obedience)” so that it can open a gate to perfection and salvation for the intellectuals.


Nasser Mukarian



Safwan Ibn Mehran

The Model of Obedience

Safwan bin Mehran one of the most trusted and reliable narrators and Shiite scholars and righteous good deeds, and the properties of the companions of Imam Sadiq (AS) and Imam Kazim (AS) is. His job involved traveling camel driver and rent them, and therefore he (Jamal) call [i]. He has a brother named Jamal Hassan bin Mehran reliable narrators, and he also has a brother Safwan Vjyhtr and more. [ii]

The following story demonstrates obedience and submission to Mvlaysh Safwan Imam Kazim (AS):

Safwan said to him Kazim (AS) arrived, he said to me that Safwan: but all things good and beautiful work, I chuck to die, what is it? He said that the man Shtrant (Harun al) rental contract, told me to rebellion and God's blessings of joy and disbelievers and have fun and play and Lb camels that he did not, but for them to travel to Mecca for Hajj I hired him, plus the fact that I am also Khdmtgzaranm along with the camels would be. He said: Safwan, if you have the responsibility of Aaron and his camels Krayh not? I asked why I die. He said: Will you survive after all the traveling they do not want to give Krayh you then? I asked why. The Prophet said: Anyone who wants to keep these people is one of them, and every one of them lead to the Fire. Safwan says: When I was discharged from the Prophet Shtranm all sold. When I was informed of Harun al-Rashid called me and told me why Shtrant to sell? I said, I am old and servants do not work as well as camel drivers, Aaron said: Woe Woe is I know who told you Shtrant sell, Musa ibn Ja'far told you so doing. I said I'm with Musa ibn Ja'far, Harun said the matter drop, I swear to God, and being good friends with me if you've killed there. [iii]

Safwan is a descendant of a person by the name "Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Safwan bin Qzah" Safwan called him from grand masters Shiite jurists trusted and reliable narrators, he is such a good teacher Sheikh (RA) is taken into account. [iv]

Safwan and NAAMANI (Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Numan), including those that are honest enough version of the book (written by Muhammad ibn Ya'qub) and thus leads them in many cases sufficient after mentioning the tradition has come book (edition of Wafi Alsfvany. ..) [v]

Safwan was a city judge said: is Cursing and swearing to deal with me in this matter? The judge said: Tomorrow I'm ready for work the next day and Safwan Safwan and judge Mosul were prepared for Cursing his palm to palm, and swear Cursing judge noted, then the assembly dispersed, Mosul judge each day in the palace of the Emir Mosul (Ibn Hamdan) present that day and the next day, but there was no news of him, Amir told the judge just go and bring him news. So with the news of his community and the opportunity of the sultans and kings Amra Amra was great. [vi]


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